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Make a conscious choice

De Guijt answers today's questions and challenges everyone to make a conscious choice: at home, at work or during a night out. This doesn't just feel good, it will also help you perform better and that gives you even more energy. De Guijt is based on four core values: healthy, sustainable, animal friendly, and homemade. De Guijt isn't easily satisfied; what's good today can be better tomorrow. This goal applies to every single product and we work towards it each day. That's only possible if we know our entire supply chain. Think handpicked local farmers, top chefs in our kitchen that cook according to their own recipes, and working together with pioneering nutritionists and scientists who know the effects of healthy food. We focus, among other things, on using less sugar, salt and fats. On the husbandry of fertile soil. On mainly local sourcing and fewer food miles.

On preserving vitamins and minerals. On a better life for animals. Homemade. Clear product sources. Fair suppliers and producers. No artificial colours, fragrances or flavours. De Guijt is getting smarter and better by the day. Simply delicious. Taste the difference!
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An honest story

De Guijt loves those challenges. We want to keep our planet viable and take responsibility for this. By searching, trying, failing, not giving up and eventually succeeding. And mainly by communicating in an open and honest way. We have mapped out the entire journey of the products from our 35 De Guijt producers and farmers. We travelled back to the beginning of the production chain to find the right suppliers. We want to know which cows our meat comes from and where and when our tomatoes have been picked. We want to be able to trace a product from source to table. An honest story! It's not easy to become a De Guijt farmer. That's why we're confident when we say a De Guijt product is the best choice within each product category. There's no doubt about it! De Guijt, bursting with a zest for life!

De Guijt's Core values


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