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Our lifeblood

De Guijt De Keuken

Our kitchen

The central kitchen, the Hutten Culinary Centre, is Hutten's beating heart where we prepare many De Guijt products. We do this with products that come from our De Guijt Heroes. The kitchen is open 24 hours a day to prepare the most delicious dishes and surpass the expectations of our guests. Our 220 cooks from 37 different nationalities are at the core of our kitchen. They innovate, motivate and inspire.

De Guijt products

With vegetables, fruit, fish, dairy, eggs and herbs from our Heroes, our kitchen makes the tastiest products. De Guijt offers an extensive fresh, delicious and honest selection. Each and every product has been tested on smell, colour and taste by independent consumer panels. All products are made traditionally and by hand!

De Guijt challenges everybody to make a conscious choice.


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