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The best biscuits in town

Koek muffin brownies

The best biscuits in town

Hutten has its own bakery where delicious baked goods by De Guijt are made. This certified organic bakery opened in September 2015. And it's a very special bakery indeed! Deaf and hard-of-hearing clients of Koninklijke Kentalis work here as well as a group of employees who have a disadvantage on the labour market. In our bakery, we develop sustainable and handmade products with less sugar, salt and fats. If we use sugar we try to use natural sugars. Think of baked goods like organic biscuits, muffins, apple turnovers, brownies and egg cakes. Hutten gives bakers a chance to further develop their talents.

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DeGuijt Bakkerij

Too good to be true?

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De Guijt bakers don't talk rubbish. Every single one of our biscuits is made by hand with our own dough. Without unnecessary additives. Don't believe us? Come have a look in our bakery and bake the most delicious organic biscuits together with our bakers.

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